About Me

Education and Certifications

RoHun Therapist 

I became certified as a Rohun Therapist by the Delphi School of Spiritual Studies in 1988 by founder Patricia Hayes https://delphiu.com/schools-of-study.

Akashic Records 

I Became an Akashic reader for others in 2016 after graduating from a course offered by Kathy Monaghan at  https://toknowyourself.com/

and I now offer group or individual readings.

Licensed Minister in The Church of Wisdom

Along with the RoHun Therapy I was also ordained a Minister in the Church of Wisdom through the Delphi School of Spiritual Studies in 1988.

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My life long Spiritual quest has lead me down some wonderful traditional and not so traditional paths, which brought me to where I am today.   Raised Roman Catholic, I attended 16 years of Catholic school and received a BA in Theology. During my college years I had a yearning to get closer to God, so I found myself praying with the Benedictine Monks/Nuns. I even lived at Christ in the Desert Monastery in Abique, NM, where we prayed 7 times per day by chanting psalms from the old testament, living in silence for 22 hours daily. Needless to say I became very comfortable with silence, and my own company.  But something was missing, so I kept searching. Post graduation I moved to Dallas ,TX, where I worked in the Restaurant Business. As Fate would have it I moved into a Town home that was Haunted.  The Ghost turned out to be a pivotal mile marker, as it caused me to ask questions such as,  What happens when you die?  Why do I seem to know stuff about this ghost? These questions lead me to devel into developing my Psychic (Intuitive) nature.  What a blast that was. Instead of having 5 physical senses, I now had 9 senses in which to experience the world.  Smell, Taste, Hearing, Sight and Feeling, plus Psychic Seeing (Clairvoyance), Psychic Knowing (prophetic), Psychic Feeling(Clair-sentience, and Psychic Hearing (clairaudience). Life quickly became more interesting, and dare I say  more magical and dimensional. I learned how to listen to and communicate with God/Creator, my spiritual helpers and most importantly my own Soul and all life around me.


With my Psychic skills developing, I plunged into learning a Process Healing technique called RoHun. Using  a light meditative state this technique allows people to connect with their Sprint Guides, visit events in past live or  current life where they adopted faulty beliefs about themselves. These faulty beliefs can lead to wrong conclusions and cause blocks in manifesting the life you really seek. 


In my 30s and 40s I was fortunate enough to study with Bart Anderson (Ten Bears).  He brought to life Native American (Lakota Sioux) and  Zen teachings. His teachings included looking at what no longer serves you, asking what it did to you and for you and then releasing (healing) via internal work and ceremony. Bart would often say, How can you walk in the light with so many veils over your eyes, or how can you see your divine Self/Soul  looking through a dirty mirror?  He helped students examine faulty beliefs so we could walk with more enlightenment. He introduced me to the beauty of nature through offering camping retreats where we created beautiful ceremony such as Medicine Wheels and Fire and Water (Sweat Lodges).


While all this growth was unfolding I worked in Corporate America as a Human Resources professional in several industries  (Healthcare, High Tech, Banking, Restaurants, Marketing and Sales) for some Fortune 50 companies and  smaller privately owned businesses.  Implementing what I knew at my day job made my work that much more meaningful and effective, as the Psychic skills can easily be applied on a daily basis. 

My passion always remained to Guide others to touch their Soul. So now that I have accumulated some skills and wisdom I am dedicating myself full time to offering many ways for people to touch their own Soul, heal, forgive and come to a deeper understanding so they can unfold a richer, more fulfilling life for themselves. 

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you unfold a deeper connection with your Soul, and removing any blocks that keep you from living the life you seek.