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About Me

Education and Certifications

RoHun Therapist 

I became certified as a Rohun Therapist by the Delphi School of Spiritual Studies in 1988 by founder Patricia Hayes

Akashic Records 

I Became an Akashic reader for others in 2016 after graduating from a course offered by Kathy Monaghan at

and I now offer group or individual readings.

Licensed Minister in The Church of Wisdom

Along with the RoHun Therapy I was also ordained a Minister in the Church of Wisdom through the Delphi School of Spiritual Studies in 1988.

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                                    ROHUN THERAPY

What is RoHun™ therapy?

RoHun™ therapy is an inter-personal therapy that utilizes an individual's spiritual strength to facilitate healing and transformation.  RoHun's in-depth and thorough processes tap into the unconscious regions of the mind and release negative thought constructs and emotions that restrict, limit and continually sabotage self.  Through accessing the Higher Self and inspired mind, RoHun™ effectively and lovingly releases blocked energy and hidden shadows that prevent a joyful and productive life.

The Al-chemical Secret of RoHun™ is Self Empowerment through Love and Wisdom


RoHun™ deals with the negative emotional circumstances and events, the traumatic and seemingly unimportant happenings that have tainted our perception and negated our belief in self, and those that have caused us to sabotage and isolate ourselves from the people and things we desire.  It is a deep exploration of self and self discovery that ultimately allows you to know your true self.  RoHun is a channeled therapy that focuses on the relationship between thought forms and health and disease.

How does RoHun™ work?

RoHun™ is a systematic and rapid-acting psychotherapy for personal growth and change.  As an energy-based method of healing, RoHun™ uses the electromagnetic fields surrounding the individual to work in a simultaneous, integrated manner with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Sessions are highly interactive between client and therapist to bring about deep and insightful change and the accelerated evolution of consciousness.  RoHun™ is a cooperative effort of the therapist and client entering the areas of blockages and faulty perceptions to eliminate and reprogram faulty patterns to thoughts of love, wisdom, confidence and strength.

Benefits of RoHun™ therapy:

  • clears faulty thought patterns that attract negative situations

  • awakens the client's sensitivity to their own inner resources

  • assists the client to relax and ease tension

  • introduces the client to their own creative and intuitive abilities

  • gives the client deep and meaningful insights into self

  • aids the client in the development and reinforcement of self-confidence

  • helps the client forgive and release the past, obtaining new freedom from guilt and resentments

  • assists the client toward a more open expression of self

  • increases peace and harmony within the client

  • increase the client's understanding and compassion for self and others

  • helps the client become more comfortable with themselves and feel stronger about coping with life

  • helps the client open up the heart to give and receive love more deeply

  • gives insight into intimate relationships

  • expands perspective in life

  • balances male and female energies

  • enhances self worth and ability to love

  • empowers client to make different choices in life that better serve their needs and desires

  • connects clients to their purpose in life



                                 AKASHIC RECORDS SESSION

What are the Akashic Records?

When you hear the term Akashic Records, what comes to mind? When I first heard it, my first thought was of a giant filing cabinet of information like a library or book that contains my Souls history, like a database.

But according to the Records themselves, they are another dimension called the Akasha. The Akasha is a higher dimension than the dimension we live in.

It's like a field of Knowledge and it carries all information about your Souls creation.

Here’s how Edgar Cayce, the psychic medium who popularized the Records, describes them:

The Akashic Records, or “The Book of Life,” can be equated to the Universe’s super-computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. More than just a reservoir of events, the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. Much more than simply a memory storehouse, however, these Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us … The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of Creation. These records connect each one of us to one another.

Why do an Akashic Reading/healing?

Through this interactive exploration you have the opportunity to gain insight as to Why you are doing things that no longer serve you, understand it, heal it and release the energy of it so it no longer has a negative affect on you. Understanding leads to Wisdom, which leads to forgiveness which leads to healing and release of what has been hidden or stuck.

You may also learn about (Remember) past skills and abilities that have been dormant in this lifetime.  You can re-awaken them and activate them again in your life.

                                   MEET YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES

In a light meditative state you will be guided to first clear your energy and create SACRED SPACE.  Then you will be guided to meet and interact with one or more Spirit Guides or Guardian Angles. First, we set the intent to connect with only the highest level of Spirit Guides, Teacher and Healers who carry energy of "Service to others " and/or "The Christed Nature," to join your team.  The process is designed to be used as a road map so you can do this yourself and seek  your Spirit Guides counsel when ever needed.

                                   PAST LIFE REGRESSION

In a light meditative state you will be guided to a past where you can remember, feel and learn from past faulty beliefs, wrong conclusion or where you held old energy of pain from past traumas.  We will explore the who, what when were and how of this life and gain the wisdom, forgive yourself and others and release the old stuck energy (heal). 

Past lives also contain knowledge of your forgotten abilities, so depending on what your Soul needs for healing and growth you will be shown what will move your life forward in the best light.


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